Melbourne LawyerEstablished in 2008, we provide leading corporate and private clients with quality legal services.

Our clients are diverse and range from public companies and government bodies to individuals. If you work with us:

You will know the name of the person who is taking care of your business. We believe your business should not be hand-balled around an office.

Costs are front of mind. We are open and honest about legal costs and we will keep you updated on how much we think you will need to spend and what work is necessary to get the job done.

We do not put profit before your bank balance. We do not believe in multiple lawyers working on a matter when not absolutely necessary and we do not send multiple lawyers to meetings or conferences at your cost, if it is not absolutely necessary.

Our legal advice is simple and straightforward. Our lawyers always speak in plain English. You will understand what is happening – always.

Finally, we keep law interesting. Our lawyers are not dull and boring.

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